20 Quick and Easy Tricks for Losing Weight *


By Tamar Cohen NC


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Have you been struggling with losing weight or weight management? Keep reading to discover the methods I use with my clients to help them achieve their weight loss goals.


  1. Eat 3 nutrient dense whole food meals a day

  2. Focus on veggies, moderate protein and good fats

  3. Limit fruit and starchy carbohydrates

  4. Avoid sugars, refined carbohydrates and processed foods

  5. Snack only if you must

  6. Drink lots of water in-between meals

  7. Exercise regularly

  8. Practice intermittent fasting

  9. Detox your body

  10. Do not eat after 8:00 pm

  11. Keep a daily food journal

  12. Weigh yourself daily

  13. Plan, shop, prep and cook in advance

  14. Shop for groceries when you are not hungry

  15. Use professional grade supplements

  16. Relax, play and enjoy life

  17. Reduce and avoid stress

  18. Practice good sleep habits

  19. Visualize yourself attractive, active and healthy

  20. Cultivate relationships that promote a healthy lifestyle

Eat 3 nutrient dense whole food meals a day

“Overfed but undernourished” describes the nutritional state of millions of overweight people in the modern industrialized world. While it appears from the outside these people have a surplus of fuel stored on their bodies, inside, at the cellular level, they’re actually starving. They may have a surplus of energy, in the form of stored adipose tissue, but they are deficient in micronutrients. To counteract this, eat nutrient dense whole foods to replenish micronutrients and help you with losing weight. When the body is nourished on a cellular level, it requires fewer calories, therefore promoting weight loss. The challenge today, with all the conflicting information is to identify and implement a truly healthy and appropriate diet for you. Consulting a nutritionist who will customize a plan specifically for you is the best way to navigate this maze.

Focus on veggies, moderate protein and good fats

Losing weight | In-home Cooking demonstrations | Tri Holistic Nutrition|Oakland CA | Oakland nutrition

Depending on metabolism, some people can do very well with eating starches and fruit. Others who are weight loss resistant, or have blood sugar issues for example, will do better focusing on vegetables, moderate protein and good fats. Fruit and starches turn into sugar once digested. Proteins and good fats promote satiety (the feeling of being full). And good fats reduced cravings. The type of diet that you choose to implement will depend on your metabolism, health issues, goals, lifestyle, ethical beliefs, etc. Talk to a nutritionist to find out what is best for you.

 Limit fruit and starchy carbohydrates

Eating for special diet - vegan, gluten free, egg free, nut free, dairy free diet

Fruits, whole grains, legumes, and starchy veggies all contain sugars or starches and therefore may need to be limited. When sugar is not used by the body, it will be converted into fat. High sugar consumption increases your blood glucose which releases the fat storing hormone, insulin which converts glucose into fat. If on a regular basis, you are consuming sugars and not burning them right away, the excess fat storage will lead to obesity. To learn more about sugar consumption click here.

Avoid sugars, refined carbohydrates and processed foods

Losing weight |Tri Holistic Nutrition Oakland CA

Although complex carbohydrates such as brown rice, legumes, sweet potatoes and fruit can be a healthy part of some diets, it is clear that sugars, refined carbs and processed foods are not healthy for anyone. These exacerbate the “overfed and undernourished” phenomenon and promote obesity and related diseases. Sugars and in particular High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS) lack nutrients and contain empty calories. Fructose goes directly into the liver to be converted into fat.

To learn more about the effects of sugar on the body read the blog Are You Eating Too Much Sugar?

Snack only if you must and drink lots of water in-between meals

These tips are obvious, yet most people do not follow them. If you snack frequently you will consume many calories and gain weight. If you feel hungry often between meals, it can be a sign that your meals are not really nourishing and/or that your blood sugar is not balanced. Sometimes that “hunger” is actually boredom or thirst. The latter can be quenched by drinking lots of water which helps keep you fuller longer. Drinking water in-between meals also helps speed up metabolism and fat loss.

Exercise regularly incorporating High Intensity Interval Training and strength training and Practice Intermittent Fasting   

We all understand the benefits of exercise for weight loss. Additionally, according to Dr. Joseph Mercola, if you are working out and not engaged in interval training you are wasting a lot of time. High-intensity interval training (HIIT) has been shown to produce greater health benefits than conventional aerobic training. Interval training burns more calories in less time.

The benefits HIIT can be further enhanced when combined with intermittent fasting. The easiest way to try intermittent fasting is skipping breakfast before working out. When you exercise while fasting, especially HIIT, it forces your body to burn fat as fuel. The combined fasting and exercising maximizes the breakdown of fat. Although each of these techniques is effective, the combination is even more powerful. Don’t forget to incorporate strength training into the mix.

Contact me to learn more about how to safely incorporate these practices into your routine.

Detox your body to speed up weight loss

Detox smoothie| losing weight | Tri Holistic Nutrition |Oakland CA

A detoxification program is a great way to kick start weight loss and help you feel great as you lose weight. Research shows that when we lose fat without aiding the body to detox properly, toxins are released back in to circulation and may cause negative symptoms and health problems. A natural detoxification program is beneficial for healthy weight loss. To start your weight loss program click here for the 14 or 21 day detox programs. To learn more about the Benefits of a Detox Program click here.

Do not eat after 8:00 pm

Do not eat after 8 pm| Losing weight |Tri Holistic Nutrition

Allow your body to go into a state of fasting each night after 8:00 pm. Occasionally you will be eating late, but if you can avoid eating late on a regular basis you will be burning fat and allowing your liver to detox. When the liver is not busy digesting at night it can focus on detoxing your body. An added benefit of not eating late is reducing or avoiding heart burn.

Keep a food journal and weigh yourself daily

Weigh yourself daily |Tri Holistic Nutrition

It has been proven that keeping a food journal, as well as weighing daily is a great way to keep you on track. Whether you send your food journal to a nutritionist for review, share with a buddy or keep it for yourself, you are less likely to want to log about the cookies and donuts you ate…assuming you are honest. And just the act of keeping a food journal is motivating. It does not need to be complicated, although apps can be helpful. A simple piece of paper works just as well.

Plan, shop, prep and cook in advance, and shop for groceries when you are not hungry

LOsing weight | Planning meals| prepping | slow cooking

Shopping for groceries when you are hungry not only increases your overall bill, but is more likely to expand your waistline. When you are hungry you are likely to purchase tempting foods that you would otherwise avoid. Plus you are more likely to snack on the free samples or open snack foods and eat while shopping. There is nothing inherently wrong with this providing you make good choices. But chances are that if you are hungry you won’t. This leads into planning, shopping and prepping in advance. Having a grocery list typically prevents you from buying foods that are not on your diet plan. And prepping foods in advance can help you put together meals in less time. Cooking larger amounts does not necessarily mean more effort and you can easily get in the habit of cooking and freezing individual meals. This way you always have home cooked meals to take to work or eat when you return.

Use professional grade supplements

Design for Health supplements - Tri Holistic Nutrition

Not all supplements are effective and some can be hazardous. Vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants are vital nutrients for proper bodily function and prevention of disease. Many people are not getting necessary nutritional support from foods alone for a variety of reasons. Most Americans are “overfed and undernourished,” and even those who are “eating pretty healthy” are lacking in nutrients. Supplements can help fill in the gap and be beneficial for weight loss. Whether you desire supplements to fill that gap, or support weight loss, choose professional grade supplements that are pure and effective, otherwise you may be wasting your money. Visit my featured products to see what I recommend for weight loss such as Weight loss support packets.

Relax, play and enjoy life and avoid or reduce stress

Many people are so caught up in their daily lives that they don’t allow time for play or relaxation and that leads to more stress. Increased stress leads to elevated stress hormones – especially cortisol which promotes weight gain around the mid-section. This type of weight gain is particularly harmful for your health. Find time for “play” that is fun, active, social and helps you reduce stress.

Practice good sleep habits

People who sleep less than 6 hours per night are more likely to become obese than those who sleep seven to nine hours. Sleep deprivation leads to decreased energy and increased caffeine and sugar cravings which lead to increased food and weight gain. Sleep deprivation also adversely impacts insulin and cortisol levels and the hormones leptin and ghrelin. Leptin is the satiety hormone, the one that tells you to stop eating and ghrelin is the one that increases your appetite. Chronic sleep deprivation decreases leptin and increases ghrelin which leads to weight gain. If you are struggling with sleep and/or stress, consult me for diet, supplements and lifestyle changes that can support a restful night.

Visualize yourself attractive, active and healthy

Actors, performers, athletes and entrepreneurs often use this technique to clearly visualize their performances or achievements. Using this strategy can help you reach your goal. Whether your goal is to look better, feel better or become more active, visualize a image of the beautiful you.

Cultivate relationships that promote a healthy lifestyle

If your friends enjoy activities that promote a healthy lifestyle, you are more likely to achieve your health goals faster. Socialize with people who enjoy cooking healthy meals, eating at restaurants that serve local sustainable healthy food, and pursuing an active life.

* Caveat: these may not be easy or quick. Some individuals will lose weight by incorporating just a few. Others may need to do all 20 to see results.


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