Testimonials for General Health, Weight Management and Detox

Tamar is worth her weight in gold. The first month I lost about 16 pounds. I feel incredible, and I am eating healthier than I ever have in my life. I have more energy than I’ve had in years. The big picture goal was eating healthy and weight loss and I had no expectation to be fit by the time I had to travel to a wedding. I feel very happy we started working together because now I can go to that wedding feeling good about myself and looking good too! Tamar meets with me weekly and we review all of the meals I’ve eaten on the application where we are tracking my health, weight, fitness, and diet. This is more than just an application. She takes the time to explain the benefits of eating certain foods, and she prescribes me meals, like a medical doctor would prescribe medication. The first two weeks were focused on getting off to a good start, a foundation. From there we have been focused on sustainable weight loss. The goal is 1.5 lbs a week. Through healthy eating, fitness. and motivation I have been beating that goal. She is a mental coach, and that is the biggest part. I needed someone who can hold my hand through this process, and she has been there all along the way.

Brad S.
San Diego CA


rachel_h“Tamar is great! She has been so helpful in my getting healthy and losing weight. I have lost 45 pounds and about 11 inches. I was also able to lower my cholesterol into better numbers due to her recommendations. She gave me great advice and recommendations that helped me in my weight loss. She offers great and wonderful recipes. Tamar knows what she is talking about and she is always studying up on nutrition. I am so thankful for all that Tamar has done and continues to do as I continue to lose weight and strengthening my body. Tamar is the best!”
Rachel H.
Oakland CA


“I had never done a detoxification such as this one before so I was unsure of what to expect. I was very concerned about giving up coffee because I could not imagine my day without it. By far that was the most difficult part of the detoxification, but even that was not so bad when I started listening to my body and took naps when I was tired. I have never been a smoothie drinker so I was very surprised about how much I really enjoyed making and drinking them. I am thrilled that I did lose 5 lbs, losing weight is especially difficult for me. And I feel really great, I have more natural energy than before and my skin looks much healthier. Most of all I learned quite a bit about myself, I tried combinations of food I don’t normally try and found that I like more than I initially thought, and by putting so much thought into what I am eating and the amounts I realized gained insight to what food I may be consuming in excess and could live without. I plan on using this detoxification program again and would highly recommend it.

Anna D. Sacramento CA


Tamar is wonderful. I attended a three week course and delved into paleo diet with Tamar and the group. This was quite challenging and truth be known, this diet kicked my butt; however, after my body got over the initial shock of not indulging the sugar cravings and caffeine, I have to admit that I felt so much better and I had so much more energy. I learned so much from Tamar and she gave me the tools that I needed to make better choices and embark on a healthier diet. I was able to resume exercising regularly and I lost 13 pounds in three weeks. More importantly, I made critical lifestyle changes. Tamar has a host of great recipes and wonderful healthy substitutes to boot. Tamar’s warm personality and great sense of humor are an added bonus. She’s the real deal.

Jessica K. Oakland CA


I just went away on business for five days in Las Vegas and guess what? I did not gain any weight. First time ever that I have travelled and maintained my weight, especially at a business conference when there is food everywhere and junk food to boot. That, my friends, is a miracle… and I owe that to Tamar. I was armed with a “just add water” shake and when everyone else piled on the buffet plate.. I added water and shaked.

I am single, like to cook but not for myself. So Tamar has been really helpful in teaching me some good tricks for food to have on hand to make a quick meal that is healthy and nutritious, or if I do take out… options on where to go and what to get.. whether that is a local Chipotle or Whole Foods.

I first started working with Tamar about one year ago. One visit we met at a local grocery store where we walked the aisles together. She introduced me to foods I otherwise would never have known about… and afterwards at our next appointment, came over to my house where we made some meals together to freeze and have on hand.

When I have had a few major successes I have emailed her just to share in the good news.. and somehow that helps keep me motivated. I had a total of 35 lbs to drop before I started with Tamar. I was able to drop 18 lbs on my own… but was stuck on the last 17. Working with Tamar I lost an additional 11… and am now down to the final 6.

One other thing… so great to work with someone who understands the psychology and emotional nature of eating. She has no judgments…. is not a perfectionist, is very real and authentic, and gets what it is to be human in today’s stressful world.

It is not easy to not overeat. But slowly, armed with new tools, information and motivation, I am getting to my goal. I highly recommend Tamar.

Good luck!!

Kerry P. Berkeley Ca


Tamar is fantastic! She has helped me with so many diet issues. When I first met Tamar, I had been a vegetarian for many years. I was having digestive issues and problems with energy. Tamar suggested I do a simple food allergy test which revealed that I was allergic to dairy and eggs. That left me with fewer choices to eat, and Tamar taught me how to eat healthfully within the options I had. Removing dairy and eggs helped tremendously but I still had minor digestive issues and Tamar suggested some tricks like soaking my grains, and going gluten free that then completely alleviated any digestive problems I had.

When we first met I thought I the snacks I was eating were so healthy. I used to eat organic cookies and corn chips on a daily basis. Tamar pointed out that these were not healthy at all. And my daily habit of a banana with a raisin bagel was a poor combination given the high sugar content. When I removed snacks from my diet I was having a hard time maintaining my weight. Tamar coached me on healthy snack options that would not only help me maintain my weight but also sustain me through my busy work day so I can focus better at my job.

Tamar also gave me guidance on what supplements to take, helped me with my vegan protein needs, and designed menus for me based on nutrient dense whole foods. She also educated me on healthy fats for cooking and general health and guided me on how to make healthy choices when eating out.

Thanks Tamar! You have really enhanced my life!

E.G Oakland CA


After working with Tamar for just a week I felt and continue to feel like a new person! My energy level skyrocketed and I literally felt amazing!! She taught me how to look at food as nutrition for my entire body rather than just another meal. Tamar has a way of allowing her clients to see the full benefits of eating properly and she has inspired me to become a nutritionist! Thank you Tamar!!

Paula E.
Oakland, CA


“Tamar Cohen helped my wife and I get a detailed analysis of our nutritional needs with a blood test, before she recommended anything. How’s that for professionalism! Then we took some specific supplements tailored to our individual needs, which worked great. Since then, she has hooked us up with more general supplements to maintain good health, which have also been helpful. The next step, which we hope to do, is to have her analyze what we are eating so she can recommend any needed improvements. Tamar is smart, energetic, and really helps navigate the complex field of nutrition with ease. She’s an athlete to boot, so she is very body aware, which shows in how she handles her work. Whether for diet advice or supplements or both, I highly recommend her
Michael M.
Berkeley, CA


catherine_mTamar is so completely down to earth and she talks about nutrition in a language I can understand. And everything she talks about is completely do-able. Nothing outrageous or weird, no suggestions to give up meat or go vegan or anything like that. Totally reasonable approaches to a diet that is healthy and sane.

She helped me understand how to get the most out of food, and helped me understand that eating healthy doesn’t cost a lot and isn’t about fancy recipes. Her approach is simple and attainable. It actually got me excited about grocery shopping!

I pay much more attention to what I put in my body, every day, at every meal. I try to “eat the rainbow” every day and I feel better and have more energy. I also do not get colds as much as I used to or when I do, it isn’t as bad and doesn’t last as long. I think this service is so valuable and everyone should meet with Tamar, even if you think you have a healthy diet, which I thought I did. Now, it’s even healthier!

I would absolutely recommend Tamar to my friends and family. It is worth just knowing how to fine tune our diets to get the most out of every meal, and how food can make us feel better.”
Catherine M.
Oakland, CA


“Tamar has been a great ally on my road to health. She has a wealth of information that she shared in easy to understand fashion. She gave me great tips on what to eat and foods to avoid which really helped me deal with my sugar addiction. I learned a huge amount about foods that I didn’t even know existed and I have now added to my diet. Tamar offers high quality supplements and and food products such as protein and green powders. The changes I have made as a result of working with Tamar have made me healthiest I have ever been and I am in my 50’s. I recently got results from my annual routine blood work. 1.5 years ago I was pre diabetic and now my numbers are excellent. I think she does a great job. I highly recommend her.”
Laura D.
Oakland, CA


I wanted to thank you for the great detox/cleanse class that you and Ky conducted recently. I found the class to be extremely informative and as a result, I have really changed the way I look at food; its content and origin. More important than that is how much better I feel, more energy and less, much less joint pain.

S.M. Alameda, CA


Testimonials for Endurance Athletes


I am a professional swimmer and 2012 Olympic medalist training to make the 2016 Rio Olympic Games. I found Tamar through online research because I was looking for someone who could take me to the next level in terms of my nutrition. I have previously worked with many sport dieticians and nutritionists before and felt like I had gotten the same answers over and over and not truly a way to help me move forward. My first meeting with Tamar I told her that I wanted her to help me learn how to fuel my body in a way that everything I put into it was helping me to become a better athlete. By the end of our time working together I felt like I had met this goal completely.

Tamar looked at my nutrition from a broad and all-inclusive perspective. She looked at the big main meals, as well as the small micronutrients that I was missing in my diet. She gave me lots of recipes, taught me quick/healthy/ convenient cooking techniques in my own kitchen, and went grocery shopping with me and taught me to how make the best decisions there. I now have concrete plans on how to structure my day with meals at the right intervals, with the right amount of calories and nutrients I need to satisfy me and make my workouts the best they can be. She designed plans that fit my individual needs.

I learned a lot from her wealth of knowledge of food and great handouts she gave me. I appreciated that if I asked a question she did not know the answer to she always did a lot of research to give me a well-constructed answer the next time. She went above and beyond what a normal nutritionist does. I would highly recommend Tamar for athletes across all ranges.

Caitlin Leverenz, 2012 Olympic Bronze medalist

Berkeley CA

Here is a link to a recent article in ESPN online news about Caitlin where she mentions working with Tamar Cohen



“Tamar was great! I asked Tamar for input on my diet. I already eat well, but I wanted input on how I could eat healthier + how I could eat better to help with my triathlon training. I took photos of my meals for 4 days and she gave me feedback on how I’m currently eating as well as very specific suggestions for things I could eat more/less of. I would definitely use her again and recommend her to others.”

Jonathan S.
San Francisco, CA


rachel_mainTamar Cohen is the best nutrition coach I have ever worked with. She takes an individualized and holistic approach to nutrition. I was surprised by how much I learned from her, and continuously refer back to the plentiful information, resources, recipes, and nutrition tips she gave me. As a competitive athlete who works out twice a day, diet plans are low in calories and nutrients I need to sustain me through my workouts. Tamar helped me to create a plan that enhanced my training and performance while bringing me to a healthy “race weight.” She also addressed the psychological, emotional ties to eating, and helped me develop a healthier attitude towards food. Tamar is deeply intuitive, and thorough in her work. I highly recommend her to both individuals and groups.

Rachel Main
USAT Certified Multisport Coach
Bootcamp Instructor
Empowering the Athlete Inside


steven_khoungTamar Cohen is a wonderful and compassionate nutritional consultant. She has an adept knowledge of sports and holistic nutrition that is second to none. I personally recommend her to anyone that is looking for a performance edge and/or balance in their dietary regimen. My experience with Tamar has been amazing!

Steven Khuong, CSCS
Co-founder of Ice Chamber (www.icechamber.com)
Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, NSCA
Master Coach, World Kettlebell Club
Certified Club Coach, USA Weightlifting
Level 1 Coach, USA Track and Field


dara_aI went to Tamar to make sure I was doing everything I could to prepare for an important race. She was very detailed in her investigations and took the time to specifically understand my training plans, my schedule, and my lifestyle. From her, I learned to adjust my caloric intake to my training plans as well as how and what to eat prior to training and racing. She pointed me to new foods and new ways for getting the nutrients my body needs. Tamar also took the time to focus on an area of particular concern for me and offered several options and recommendations for improvement. My racing and training energy levels have improved – and so have my results. For athletes looking for that extra edge, I strongly recommend Tamar for helping you find it!

Dara A.

Oakland, CA
US Rowing, Masters National Champion

dave_akhusAs a personal trainer and martial artist I am deeply committed to a healthy and active lifestyle, to serve as a role model to my clients and to enrich my own life. I thought I had a healthy diet low in fat and cholesterol and I would regularly consult with my clients on general nutrition questions. And then I met Tamar.
Tamar Cohen is by far the best nutritionist I have worked with. Beyond having intimate knowledge of nutrition and the human body, Tamar is friendly, compassionate, truly listens to you, and inspires you to create positive changes in your life. She is able to explain the nuances of butternut squash and coconut butter. She has an uncanny ability to get you excited about eating food. And she makes sure not only to address your issues, but also to reinforce your positive choices.

Strategizing for eating healthier–planning, buying, and cooking meals–is what I consider the hardest part of a nutrition program. Tamar makes it effortless for you. She takes you to Berkeley Bowl so you know exactly where everything is that she recommends to you and gives you not just one, but multiple ideas of how to prepare your groceries. She gives you delicious recipes that easy and quick to make. And she emphasizes using what I consider the best foods out there–local, sustainable, and organic. But Tamar is also a smart shopper and knows where the best deals are, what the best brands are, what is worth buying organic and what is not, so you use your budget effectively and get the most value for your money.

I have experienced real results from working with Tamar. I get sick less, keep my blood sugar balanced longer, reduce inflammation, am more energetic and awake in the morning, and just feel good overall. My performance and recovery in my sport is improved. I truly enjoy the recipes Tamar’s given me and gained culinary knowledge from her. And now my family is eating the food I’m making and liking it too. I’ve learned a powerful tool that I can use for the rest of my life. Thank you Tamar!

In fact, working with Tamar was such an enriching experience that we decided to partner together to create a fitness and nutrition program for people looking to get back in shape and on the path towards greater health and happiness. The Jump Start Program takes the best of both world’s, Tamar’s superb nutritional knowledge and my passion for exercise and fitness, to give small groups the opportunity to make great strides in their fitness and nutrition at an affordable price.

Dave Aakhus
CPT- National Academy of Sports Medicine


“Tamar Cohen has helped me improve my lifelong health and fuel increased athletics as well. She’s guided me through post-injury weight loss, kicking my sugar craving, and more. Her plans, grocery store tour, mini cooking class, and support along the way have been fantastic. I’ve learned about good fats, better cooking, vitamins and minerals, and now I truly understand how much protein and calories I need for my goals. I highly recommend her for anyone, athlete or not, to improve their overall health and energy level through improved nutrition. She’s incredibly knowledgeable, very flexible if your goals shift (or your self awareness improves), and she’s a very kind, professional person as well. Five stars!
Janet S.
Oakland CA


Testimonials for Specific Conditions

Five Stars!

I came to Tamar when I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis. I experienced many symptoms, like weight gain, sluggishness, low energy, and bloating. Tamar constructed a new diet plan for me, and it worked wonders. By eliminating gluten, adding more vegetables to my diet, introducing me to new vegetables, and teaching me about portion control, 6 months later I have eliminated all my initial symptoms. I lost 15 pounds and I feel very energetic.

Mimi M. Concord, CA


Five Stars!

I feel so blessed to have met Tamar! My digestion issues had become unbearable when I first met her. She was readily able to solve my issues with one meeting, and, the solution was effortless! I met with her a second time for advice about how to gain back some weight I had lost due to stress. Her suggestions for “good” fat snacks and meals were nothing shy of pure perfection. Voilá–another easy, painless solution attributable to her insight and experience. Tamar is extremely knowledgeable, readily available and generous with information and resources. She will continue to be my go-to for nutritional and health issues. I am eternally grateful for her warmth, guidance and wisdom.

Susan R. Albany CA


Five Stars!

Tamar is very nice, helpful and intelligent. I highly recommend Tamar as a Nutritionist.

After suffering with stomach pain for over ten years, I finally thought I would see if I was allergic to any foods. I initially was going to order only the Food Sensitivities test and not an entire consultation and package, but after talking to Tamar briefly, I immediately liked her approach and vibe. I typically avoid the words and phrases like “diet”, “eat less pizza and cheese” and “eat smaller portions” like the plague, but I quickly learned that it’s about better choices for ones’ overall health and well-being and not a punishment. I tried to feel ashamed for what I had been eating, but Tamar only let me be positive and look ahead to how I would feel soon.

Tamar is very knowledgeable in her field. I gave her a short history of my health problems, types of pain I was experiencing, a detailed list of the foods I was eating, an average daily caloric intake and what my goals would be after a few sessions. After reviewing what I was allergic to, she advised me on which foods to eliminate and which foods would be a better choice. Tamar is excellent at narrowing down the proper vitamin supplements for the client, as there are so many products out there with sub-par ingredients. I would have never picked the right vitamins and minerals, without her help. Less than two months later, I am feeling a significant difference and this is only the beginning. I am very excited to be on my way to feeling good or maybe even great. Thank you Tamar!”

Julie A. San Leandro CA


Thanks to Tri holistic nutrition, I just had a great follow-up visit with my doctor.

When I first met with Tamar, my triglycerides were too high, my good cholesterol was bad, and my bad cholesterol was bad. Ugh. Rather than rushing to prescribe drugs, my doctor suggested trying a more disciplined regimen of diet and exercise. I consider myself to be a “foodie” and the prospect of changing my diet seemed unpleasant and daunting. However, Tamar helped me make simple and satisfying decisions. I never felt like I was starving and was not filled with guilt after the occasional indulgence. She helped me stay focused on the big picture of overall health and nutrition.

Three months later, all of my numbers are where they are supposed to be. I don’t need prescription drugs; I’ve lost nearly 20 pounds; feel great; and have the nutritional education to maintain this new healthy life.

Thanks Tamar!

Greg M.




leighton_maddenFood allergies and intolerances had been limiting us in our athletic and daily lives. Tamar spent time and effort researching and understanding our particular sets of nutrition problems, then helping us incorporate foods and recipes into our diet. Now we are eating a healthier and more varied diet, cooking meals together, feeling better during our workouts and races, and feeling better in our every day lives.

We strongly recommend Tamar to anyone looking to improve their health and eating habits, and particularly to athletes with food intolerances or sensitivities.

“I did pretty well at the Marin Triathlon a couple of weeks ago, with a flat tire keeping me from doing much better. After the race I noted to Michelle that this year I haven’t had in-race nutrition problems, I have had to eat much less during races than before, and generally I’m less dependent on eating during exercise and racing than I was before.

We realized that cutting out the bad actors has helped my health a lot. But the easy part was cutting out bad foods, and we could have figured that out on our own. Where you really helped was getting us to find foods that we could eat to keep us going and that have kept my blood sugar from swinging as much as before.

So, thanks again for all your help!”

Michelle Leighton and David Madden
Amateur triathletes, runners, soccer players, skiers, backpackers and overall outdoor enthusiasts
East Bay, California


When I met Tamar Cohen I was dealing with a sport’s injury and I sought her help to reduce the inflammation and pain without using the typical over the counter drugs like Advil and the prescribed Vicodin. Somewhere in the course of our consultation she suggested that I get a metabolic test that also tested for a limited number of food sensitivities. I had no idea what she was talking about.

I have known many people with food allergies but the food sensitivity concept was new to me. She explained that food sensitivities could be affecting me in ways that I may not be aware of. At the time I thought “I don’t have any real problems just this injury.” but I figured that getting the test couldn’t hurt anything so why not. Most of my adult life if I felt the need to go to the bathroom I could not wait. It drove my husband crazy – “Why didn’t you go in the restaurant? Didn’t you know you had to go?” I would explain that it just came upon me and we would have to go back in because I could no way make it home. I planned routes around being sure I knew where bathrooms were. My thought was – everybody is different and this is the way I am. Little did I know that I was eating foods that caused me to have to go urgently. My bowels were irritated.

When I took the test, Tamar suggested that I eliminate all of the foods that showed up as irritating to me. Once I did the food elimination that sense of urgency went away. I feel in control in a way I never thought possible. I no longer worry that I won’t be able to wait for a bathroom. I never thought I had a problem and now I am so glad that I took the test. It has truly changed my life. I will always be grateful for this consultation.

Oakland California March 2011


“I hate Tamar . . . And I LOVE Tamar! I hate her because she kicked my butt. She helped me take a hard and honest look at what I was eating, and guided me in making some significant lifestyle changes. I LOVE Tamar because she has changed my life. Truly. She helped give me the language I needed to work with my doctors and get the care that I needed – I’ve learned it is all about knowing what questions to ask. She taught me the tools I needed to make better choices that have improved my overall health. She is amazing. If you need a nutritionist, go see her! You won’t regret it.”
Gabby V.
Alameda CA


“Tamar is such a wealth of great info! She educated me on how to eat better, what things to avoid and expanded my palette. She also suggested a few helpful supplements and I have had improvement with a chronic health issue. 5 stars for sure! Thanks Tamar!”
Kelli D.
Oakland CA


If I had to point to the single most important person I have worked with in the past two years I would have to say Tamar Cohen. Tamar encouraged me to take a good look at the role my diet played in my overall health. I took a simple Metabolic Test and went over the results with Tamar who recommended supplements for me and dietary changes that have significantly affected my overall health. I feel great and recently I saw someone who I had not seen in a year and she said – “It’s incredible you look younger than you did last time I saw you – your skin is glowing.” Thanks Tamar!”
Mavis D.
Oakland CA