5 Tips for Healthy Weight Loss

Are you trying to lose weight and be healthy? My 5 Tips for Healthy Weight Loss can help set you on the right path to a slimmer, healthier and happier you!

This time of year can be especially challenging for anyone trying to lose or maintain their current weight. Holiday parties and a frenetic pace often lead people to eat too much food and make unhealthy choices. The good news is that many people make resolutions to eat healthier in the new year, and these 5 Tips for Healthy Weight Loss are a great place to start!

Many of my clients are confused about what to eat for healthy and effective weight loss. Some weight loss programs count points or calories, without emphasizing that the quality of the food matters. However, a calorie is not simply a calorie. Did you hear that? I’ll say it another way. A calorie of one food is not equivalent to a calorie of another. For example, the body utilizes 600 calories from salmon, broccoli, grass fed butter and sweet potatoes differently than it does from 600 calories in 2 donuts. 600 calories of nutrient poor “foods” high in sugars will quickly convert into fat, whereas nutrient dense foods sustain the body’s overall needs for energy and sustenance while helping to maintain weight.

Healthy weight loss is also important because you can do real damage to your body on some diets. If you starve yourself or eat a low calorie nutrient deficient diet to lose weight, you can drop pounds, but it’s not healthy. Your cells will be starving, your energy will drop, and you won’t feel well. These diets may work short term but unless you have adopted long term positive dietary habits the weight will creep back up.

You can see my 5 Tips for Healthy Weight Loss below. And if you are interested in a healthy sustainable weight loss program, you may want to know about my new online program in January.

My program will be incorporating the 5 tips for healthy weight loss listed below and much more. So here we go:

1. Whole foods are your best choice.

Pay attention to the source to maximize nutrients and avoid toxins. Most importantly, for your protein, if you eat animal products buy organic, non GMO, pasture raised sustainable options and wild caught cold water fish from clean sources. In general buy S.O.U.L foods: Seasonal, Organic, Unprocessed, Local and fresh as much as possible.

5 Tips for Healthy Weight loss |Tri Holistic Nutrition Oakland California

2. Eat a variety of vegetables.  

Eat a variety of vegetables for plentiful fiber, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.Opt for fresh and shun canned vegetables which lose many vitamins in the process. Again, organic is preferable as the nutrients in the soil are much better. In addition, conventional produce is sprayed with toxins to kill pests which ads to your toxic overload.

5 Tips for Healthy Weight loss |Tri Holistic Nutrition Oakland California

3. Focus on healthy fats.

Throw out processed inflammatory omega 6 oils and products with partially hydrogenated fats. These oils are nutritionally deficient in several ways. And hydrogenated fats have bonds that do not exist in nature and are harmful for our cell membranes. Look for organic expeller pressed coconut oil, extra virgin cold pressed olive oil, avocado oil, avocado, nuts and seeds, grass fed butter and ghee. Above all, our brains love omega 3 fats so increase your omega 3 to 6 ratios by eating more cold-water fish, flax, hemp and chia seeds and reducing your intake of omega 6 oils.

5 Tips for Healthy Weight loss |Tri Holistic Nutrition Oakland California 

4. Include protein in every meal.

Include protein in every meal, in addition to healthy fats for increased satiety. If you join my upcoming online program in January you will be eating the right amount of protein, carbs and fats to keep you satisfied without feeling deprived.

5 Tips for Healthy Weight loss |Tri Holistic Nutrition Oakland California

5. Reduce refined carbohydrates, sugars and alcohol.

Reduce refined carbohydrates, sugars and alcohol, which trick your brain into eating more and adding unwanted weight. Refined carbs and sugars are the number one problem in our diets and are responsible for the obesity epidemic, metabolic syndrome and many other diseases. Therefore, to achieve healthy weight loss, you must reduce and avoid these foods.

Likewise, even complex carbohydrates can derail your weight loss efforts. Too many carbs, whether refined or complex, will turn into fat. To read more about carbs click here.

5 Tips for Healthy Weight loss |Tri Holistic Nutrition Oakland California

Incorporating these 5 Tips for Healthy Weight Loss will give you a good start on your way to healthy weight loss. Envision yourself at your optimal weight. Feeling wonderful full of energy and life and glowing with health. YOU can do this, just like many of my clients have. And if you are looking for additional help, keep reading…

In January I am launching my new online program that will help you kick the sugar cravings, get your mojo back and drop some weight. It’s designed for busy women who do not want to spend much time shopping, prepping and figuring out what to eat. This program includes weekly online coaching sessions, meal plans, quick delicious recipes, easy to follow shopping lists, meal prep day by day guides and a private Facebook support group, all at the early bird cost of $99 for the 2-week program.

During the program you will develop healthy eating habits, and a plan for sustainable weight loss. You will feel motivated, supported and energized. The guesswork of what to buy, and eat, and how much to eat will be gone. And you will gain extra time on your hands to spend on things you care about more than worrying about your food.

This program is ideal for anyone who is worried about what to eat, and struggling with extra weight, low energy, sugar cravings and holiday over eating. It’s online and accessible to anyone with a computer and willingness to get healthy in January.

So sign up now for the 14-Day Post-Holiday Reset Program for Busy Women!  $99.00  


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