Benefits of a Detox Cleanse Program

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If you’ve been thinking about doing a Detox Cleanse Program and wonder if it’s right for you, read on to find out about the benefits of a detox cleanse program. Over the past four years in my Nutrition Consulting practice, I’ve seen clients achieve amazing benefits in just two weeks: reduced body fat and weight, reduced pain, and increased wellbeing, energy and mood, just to name a few. My next scheduled group program starts on Wednesday October 14th 2015. And because I want to share the benefits of a detox cleanse program with more people, I’m now offering 14 day and 21 day detox kits for individuals who cannot join the group and would like to do the program on their own.

This is a safe and gentle program that can be done while you are working and carrying on with your “normal” life. We will focus on adding whole and seasonal foods into your diet, reducing the amount of toxic or allergenic foods that drain you of your energy, and supporting your organs of detoxification, especially the amazing liver! The program includes three meetings plus all your goodies for your detox smoothies and supplements, body fat composition screening, weight measurements and anti-oxidant testing. All you need is a blender and fruit/veggies etc. for the smoothies and healthy foods for your meals and snacks. The program is suitable for meat eaters, vegetarians and vegans.
Typically clients who join my detox program have one or more of the following goals: losing weight and reducing sugar cravings, increasing energy and sleep quality, reducing and resolving pain, inflammation, allergies and digestive issues. Many clients have made significant progress with these goals and here are some examples.

Maria is 48 and works for a large school district. She joined the program to lose weight and reduce her sugar cravings. After just two weeks, she went from 332.2 lbs to 319.6 lbs., losing 12.6 lbs. On the last day of class she wrote that she is “feeling 100% better from eating the right type of food… being able to move better (and) sleep more relaxed…” The advice she gives about the program is “Stick to it. I think day one or two are difficult but you start feeling wonderful.” Maria was so pleased with the results that she continued the detox program on her own. I recently checked in with Maria and she has continued to eat well and drop additional weight. She now weighs in the high 200’s, has more energy, is sleeping better and longer and is motivated to continue.

Joe and his wife Elena participated in the detox program to lose weight and feel better. Elena, 39, is a busy mom with three young children. Fertility treatments and pregnancies added weight she had unable to lose. Over two weeks she lost nine pounds and gained knowledge and tools to lose additional weight and address food allergies. Joe, a skinny technology executive in his mid-thirties, didn’t have any weight to lose, but he wanted to eat healthier, reduce his sugar cravings and support his wife. Through the program, Joe achieved his goals and also reduced his fat percentage and increased muscle. His muscle increase is likely due to a combination of strength training and the detox program’s protein rich meal replacements shakes.

Deidre was slightly overweight and wanted to lose 15 lbs. She’s an athletic doctor in her mid-forties. In her busy life, she found the breakfast and dinner smoothies easy and effective to incorporate into her life. She lost 11 lbs. in the group program and a few more while doing the program again on her own. Deirdre has reached her goal and looks and feels great.

Steve, a 70 year old cyclist, complained of joint pain and stiffness. His goal was to be able to lose weight, reduce pain and be able to play with his grandchildren. By the end of the program, Steve lost 7 pounds and felt less pain and inflammation. As the months passed, Steve continued to lose weight and reduce joint pain while incorporating the PurePea smoothie for his daily breakfast.

Annette, a 62 year old physician dropped 7 lbs. She reported that she had difficulties losing weight, was already eating a clean diet and had participated in Optifast in the past and yet she had gained 65 lbs. back. The fact that she lost 7 lbs. in fourteen days was encouraging. She said, “The program worked like a charm… I never felt hungry and was very satisfied with the shakes and 1 meal…This is a fairly painless way to get into a new eating habit…” Regarding what it was like to work with Tamar, she said, “delightful, of course.  Lots of useful information, encouragement, (and) support to get through the first few weeks…”

Liza and Kate, mother and daughter are both overweight. Liza is 48 year old who started the program weighing 264.6 lbs. while 25 year old Kate weighed 202 lbs. Fourteen days later Liza dropped 7.2 lbs. while Kate dropped 10.4lbs. Both of them made significant progress. On day one, Kate indicated that she experiences mood swings, irritability, depression, anxiety, nervousness, poor sleep quality, reduced productivity, headaches and poor memory. On day fourteen, she did not report any of those symptoms. Liza had similar results.

These clients and many others have experienced remarkable health benefits in a short time. Not all issues are usually resolved in two weeks. All clients leave the program with the knowledge and tools to continue to lose weight and improve their health. They also have the option to continue to work with me to further support their health goals. If you would like to experience the benefits of a detox cleanse program, this program is a great jump start to improving your health. If you’re interested, contact me today to sign up for the next group session. If you are unable to participate in a group class but would like to benefit from the detox program on your own click here.

Benefits of a detox cleanse program
Delicious Green Detox Smoothie with PurePea Vanilla, Spinach and Banana

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