13 Quick and Easy Health Ruining Tips

What? Am I serious? Yes I am…to find out the best health ruining tips, keep reading. You may be doing many of these and know how bad these choices are. But just in case you need a reminder…here are 13 ways to ruin your health in no time.
Here we go:

  1. Eat as much as you want, whenever you want. Avoid whole foods. Feast on fast food, sugary foods and fried foods. Focus on refined processed foods, which are readily available and heavily promoted by corporations seductively fine tuning ingredients to lure you into increased consumption and addictions.IMG_4992
  2. Sugar is your best friend and soda is a great choice for empty calories, particularly if you want to increase your triglycerides, overall inflammation, insulin resistance, damage your brain, and expand your waistline. High Fructose Corn Syrup, a cheaper sugar will help clog your arteries, and promote obesity and diabetes as you spend more money on bargain mega-sized sodas.IMG_2359[1]
  3. Don’t forget to indulge in refined carbohydrates. All forms of sugars and grains should be consumed in large amounts. Bread, pasta, bagels, baked goods and breakfast cereals are great choices. All of these will put you on the path for higher risk of obesity and Alzheimer’s.IMG_2394[1]
  4. Drink alcohol daily. Add soda to hard liquor for added sugars. Besides the effects of increased sugar, you will harm your liver and interfere with the removal of toxins from your body.IMG_2396[1]
  5. Consume excessive amounts of coffee daily, add sugar and don’t skimp on the fake creamer. Coffee quality is also important. Avoid organic beans and choose freeze dried instant powders instead. Glazed donuts are an added bonus. Copious amounts of coffee and sugar will trick your body into thinking you don’t need adequate sleep and run you down in no time.IMG_2391[1]
  6. Cook in hydrogenated fats and inflammatory vegetable oils as much as possible. Make sure to use margarine instead of real butter. Inflammatory vegetable oils and trans fats are the best fats for clogging your arteries and promoting heart disease.IMG_2324[1]
  7. Avoid fresh vegetables or fruit like the plague. If you must eat some, choose canned vegetables. When eating canned fruit choose the variety in heavy syrup or High Fructose Corn Syrup. Avoid organic brands, as the genetic modifications, pesticides, fungicides, and herbicide residues will add to your toxic load.IMG_2368[1]
  8. Avoid raw nuts and seeds. Choose the roasted and salted kinds instead. They are already likely rancid and provide inflammatory fats, oxidized free radical damaging fats, and poor quality salt.IMG_2357[1]
  9. Avoid good quality supplements, fish oil and antioxidants. If you buy supplements, choose the sugary gummy candy type with artificial colors, flavors and preservatives. Those vitamins likely will pass through your body without being absorbed while adding to your sugar consumption and toxic load.IMG_2320[1]
  10. Avoid physical activity at any cost; even if it gives you pleasure. When you get the urge to workout, lay down as fast as possible and wait for it to pass.
  11. Spend as much time as you can indoors. Choose sick buildings with poor ventilation. Avoid sunlight and fresh-air.
  12. Stay up as late as possible (drinking and eating late can help), and try to get less than 5 hours of sleep daily.
  13. Find ways to stress yourself even if you don’t have the natural inclination to be stressed. Chances are that if you have followed tips 1-12 your stress level will naturally increase. The more stress you feel in your life the closer you will achieve poor health.

Okay, I wrote this originally as a joke and then realized that so many people live this way, at least for some of the time. So I decided to publish this as a reminder that many of the actions we take on a daily basis can ruin our health. With a few small changes, you can prevent poor health. Avoiding all these actions as much as possible along with adding health promoting lifestyle choices can spell the difference between health and disease. So if these tips resonate, and you and someone you know could use help, visit my website to get some ideas and then contact me.


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