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Introducing the New 14-Day Post-Holiday Reset Program for Busy Women! 


If you have decided that your 2019 New Year’s Resolutions are to make yourself a priority and take care of the only body you have, then please keep reading…

Monday January 14th I am launching a new online program that will help you reset your diet after the holidays. The 14-Day Post-Holiday Reset Program for Busy Women will help you kick your sugar cravings, drop some weight and get your mojo back. You will make taking care of yourself a priority in a simple and easy to follow program. If you are overwhelmed by what to eat and feel that you are too busy, this program is right for you! All the guesswork will be gone!

This innovative program is ideal for women who are worried about what to eat, how much to eat, and do not want to spend much time shopping, prepping and cooking. Furthermore, if you are struggling with extra weight, low energy, sugar cravings and inevitable holiday over-eating then look no further. All you need is a willingness to get healthy…and a computer with online access. It’s that simple! To find out more keep reading. If you already want to count yourself in at the early bird rate of $99.00, click here.

During the 14-Day Post-Holiday Reset Program you will develop healthy eating habits and a plan for sustainable weight loss. You will feel motivated, supported and energized. The guesswork of what to buy, what to eat, and how much will be gone.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to gain some extra time to spend on things that you care about more than worrying about your food intake? Let me help you get time back!

The program includes weekly online coaching sessions, weekly meal plans, with supper quick delicious nourishing recipes, easy to follow shopping lists, meal prep day by day guides and a private Facebook support group, all at a low cost of $99.00 for the entire 2-week program! What do you have to lose?

Join us for a fun and energizing 2-week experience that will set the stage for your success in your 2019

health journey!




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Clinic Weight Loss Programs


Tri Holistic Nutrition’s Eating 4 Health Weight Loss Programs are designed for individuals who are struggling with weight loss and weight management and are looking for a nutrition consultant and health coach in Oakland and the Greater Bay Area. Tri Holistic Nutrition’s weight loss programs are designed for people who are interested in improving their overall health, feeling and looking better, increasing energy, and reducing susceptibility to illness and disease all while loosing weight in a healthy and sustainable way.

By using a whole-foods based diet, detox programs, customized and easy to follow meal plans, and carefully selected professional grade supplementation, along with weekly diet coaching calls, clients can reclaim their health and vitality.

If you are struggling with weight loss and need a health coach, if you are lost in the multitudes of conflicting information about nutrition, or if you simply want to learn how to best feed yourself or your family, these customized and individualized programs are for you.

This program is appropriate for individuals or couples in Oakland and the Greater Bay Area. Tri Holistic Nutrition also works with remote clients by phone or Skype. Whether you live in the East Bay or the East Coast, if you have a phone and a computer we can work together! Contact Tamar at Tri Holistic Nutrition today to find out if these Weight Loss Programs are right for you.

Weight Loss Programs and Packages

If weight loss and or weight management are your goals, and you know you would benefit from support over several months, the 8 Sessions 2 Wellness Weight Loss Programs would be your best option. Sessions must be used within 12 months of start date.

If your goal is general health, or you are super self-motivated, you will be able to make positive changes with the shorter 4 Sessions 2 Wellness Weight Loss Programs. Sessions must be used within 6 months of start date.