Nutrition for Endurance Athletes

Sports Nutrition for Endurance Athletes

Tri Holistic Sports Nutrition signature Eating 2 Train programs are designed for endurance athletes who are interested in improving performance and recovery. In addition, the program is designed for reducing susceptibility to sports-related injuries and preventing illness.

The Sports Nutrition for Endurance Athletes program empowers competitive and recreational athletes in Oakland or the Greater Bay Area to incorporate a holistic, whole-food based, anti-inflammatory diet approach in order to reduce injuries, and speed up recovery.

The anti-inflammatory diet uses specific foods and supplements to reduce inflammation, while eliminating foods that cause inflammation, in order to promote the body’s natural ability to heal.

Behind every athlete is great sports nutrition, yet every individual has unique needs. Proper macro-nutrient balance (proteins, fats, and carbohydrates), adequate hydration, and an abundance of good quality proteins are imperative for athletic success.

Programs and Packages

Eating 2 Train Nutrition for Endurance Athletes

If your goal is to learn how to reduce inflammation using the anti-inflammatory diet and improve your performance then the Eating 2 Train Nutrition for Endurance Athletes Program is your best choice.

THN Eating 2 Train Nutrition  for Endurance Athletes Program

Due to COVID-19 pandemic, all meetings are conducted virtually using Zoom, the Well World app and/or phone.

In addition to focusing on health goals, immune support will be addressed and prioritized for clients who are interested in enhancing their immunity and possibly reducing the risk of COVID-19.

This 4 month program includes nutrient tracking and optimization, meal planning, recipes and shopping lists, supplement consultation, pantry evaluation, lifestyle coaching, cooking tips, and guidance for lab testing when appropriate. The program encompasses everything you need to help you gain a better understanding of what, how and when to eat in order to optimize your health!

You will be using the Well World app, which is essentially a nutritionist in your pocket, guiding you step by step toward your health goals! Using this brand-new state of the art technology you will able to receive my recommended therapeutic weekly meal plans, recipes, grocery list, and customized supplements. The user-friendly app can track your daily food intake, sleep, meditation, and exercise, along with your body metrics and how you are feeling as you progress through the care plan.

Services are offered as 2 program options. Contact me today to discuss how my programs may benefit you.

Option 1:

  • 1 Initial nutrition assessment (1.5 hrs.)
  • Follow up nutrition meetings every 2 weeks (45 min. each)

Option 2:

  • 1 Initial nutrition assessment (1.5 hrs.)
  • Monthly follow up nutrition meetings (1 hr. each)
  • Weekly optional phone check-ins (20 min. each)

After completing this program clients have the option to continue to work on health maintenance and optimization via a customized program.