Nutrition Support for Cancer Patients

Nutritional Support for Cancer

Tri Holistic’s cancer patient nutrition programs are designed for individuals who are undergoing cancer treatments or who have completed treatments, and want to support their overall health, reduce the side effects of conventional treatments, and improve chances of living cancer-free. This is not an alternative plan to conventional cancer treatment, but rather a complementary therapeutic approach using nutritional support.

Cancer treatment places tremendous demands on the body. There may be a correlation between how well you fare during treatment and your nutritional status. A cancer-treatment-supporting diet and supplements can help you tolerate standard treatments better, experience less muscle and weight loss and have a better quality of life.

A whole-foods based diet and carefully selected and sourced professional grade antioxidant protection and supplementation provide vital support for persons undergoing cancer treatment. Nutrition plays a key role in overall health and supports the body’s ability to heal. I work in conjunction with like-minded physicians who value and understand the importance nutrition plays in healing and improving their patients’ chances of living cancer-free.

Programs and Packages

If you have recently been diagnosed with cancer, or if you are a cancer survivor and you want to improve your nutritional status, the 8 sessions 2 Wellness Program is your best choice. Sessions must be used within 12 months of start date.

If you have recently been diagnosed with cancer, or if you are a cancer survivor, you have already implemented many changes to your eating habits, and you would like to have a professional further guide you in adhering to and refining your new diet, then the 4 Sessions 2 Wellness Program is a good choice. Sessions must be used within 6 months of start date.